Technique – At a Glance

Indian Head Massage At-A-Glance
Stage One: Neck, Shoulders and Arms (long hair should be put up)
1. Hands on shoulders, ask them to take a few deep breaths
2. Circling massage movements with two fingertips in 4 positions down neck x 3
3. Thumb slide down neck then across shoulder to edge x 3
4. Repeat 2 but take thumb off halfway across shoulder x 3
5. The reverse of the last movement. Thumb across shoulder then up neck x 3
6. Fingers lightly up over top of shoulder then firmly downwards in 3 positions x 3
7. Roll shoulder muscle forwards with thumb in 3 positions x 3
8. 3 quick finger pecks upwards from inside outwards in 3 positions x 3
9. Head brush x 3
10. Arm squeeze in 3 positions x 3
11. Shoulder rotation x 6 each side
12. Arm drop/shrug x 3
13. Elbow on shoulder, hand on forehead, tilt head, slide thumb down neck then
across shoulder to middle x 3
14. Circling massage movements with fingers from behind ear to side of spine in 3
positions x 3
Stage Two: Scalp (long hair can come down)
1. Continuous brisk massage with side of hand in Z pattern across scalp x 3 each
2. Circling massage with fingers on one area at a time in same Z x 3 each side
3. Plucking
4. Upward flicking
5. Head Brush
6. Raindrops
7. Hacking
8. Hair scrunch and pull
9. Hair rake
10. Head lift x 3
Stage Three: Face
1. Middle finger pressure from above eyebrows up to forehead and back
2. Out over eyebrows, onto then under cheekbones to middle of face, back
again to ears
3. Down across jaw line to chin, drop under chin and back up under jaw line to
4. Massage and stretch ears from bottom to top and back
5. Massage behind ears from bottom to top and back
6. Prayer position, bring hands up sides of face and off at hairline x 3
7. Hands on forehead and under chin, swap alternately x 3
8. Hands over eyes and ears, swap alternately x 3
9. Head brush x 3
10. Hands on shoulders, deep breaths to finish.